Sunday, June 26, 2011

Feel More...Think Less

Whether you believe in intuition, prophetic dreams, and many other senses of awareness, I believe it is all guided for our benefit. Some of us can experience the sensation of a scent and feel moved to do something specific - a scent can be that of a departed loved one and it moves us to look somewhere for an item we thought had been misplaced and there it is. Some of us feel a touch on our skin and are instantly brought back to a moment where we remember a bit of information that is necessary. And some people see angels.
Personally, I have had more than several occurrences of being guided by something other than my own consciousness. I choose to label it as little as possible since I believe strongly that while I love words and language, I do think that we tend to box ourselves into specific belief systems based on words, on labels and judgments and that what we need to do is feel more and sometimes think less. Otherwise, we run the risk of forgetting that we are here - to experience human life and all that it offers us. Smiles... 

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