Sunday, June 19, 2011

Life's Goodness

For me, cooking is an experience of sensuality, inhaling fresh scents, rubbing leaves between my fingers to bring out their natural oils, chopping onions and garlic with precision and stirring and guiding the ingredients with a sense of awareness and respect for each ingredient. It is a meditation of sorts.
Simple is my garden. For me, this is an experiment in patience, a tribute to my family, and a choice to continue to approach life in a simple manner. I am extravagant in some areas; my hair, my health and that of my children, and the books and food I consume are my vanities, places where I spare no expense because the reward of each is so immense.
I grow Roma tomato plants for sauce, and Beefsteak for salads, and I chronicle their growth just as I did my children. My garden is completed with leaf lettuce, cucumbers, zucchini, and scallions. Have you ever pulled young scallions from the fresh earth, rinsed them in cool running water, then smelled their sweetness, and put them between fresh French bread slices with a smear of butter and a bit of cracked sea salt? Heaven bursting in your mouth, fresh and perfect like the sun, earth and water that nurtures us all.

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