Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Give It A Try!

I love to go to the flea markets as often as I can, but have you ever thought about what it would be like to be the vendor? Why not give it a shot and jump on the flea market bandwagon? Here are some helpful tips to sell your wares:
What You Need:

  1. Merchandise
  2. Price guides
  3. Price tags and stickers
  4. Wrapping and packing materials
  5. Tables and display units
Flea markets are popular events where vendors sell their merchandise in one location. After the vendors set up their space, the browsing buyers bustle in. Hopefully in a buying mood, they move from vendor to vendor searching for the perfect deal or bargain.
Anything and everything is sold at flea markets. From big ticket items like antiques and guns to smaller items like electronics, crafts, memorabilia and junk; the sky’s the limit.
The Basics
  1. Flea markets are generally in full swing during the spring, summer and fall seasons.
  2. Some markets are open only on the weekends while others are open during the week.
  3. Flea markets hours of operation vary.
  4. Flea markets are held anywhere. Some are held indoors and others take place in barns, on the street or under tents.
  5. Many are free to the public while others require admission.
  6. Free parking is available at some markets.
If you are in a buying kind of mood, why not head over to a nearby flea market and pick up a great bargain? You never know what you may find! 

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